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Fishing Report

Cooler than forecasted mornings and more rain greeted anglers on a less than spectacular week of fishing.  Lake surface temps dipped to the 69-71 degree mark.  The few warm afternoons were replaced by mornings down in the upper 40’s again.


Yellow Perch:  Good – Relating to weeds, mostly cabbage in 8-12’.  ½ crawlers, medium fatheads and medium leeches under slip-bobbers.  Nice 9-11” fish.


Largemouth Bass:  Good – Working heavy weeds best.  Using plastics such as Creature baits (Sweet Beavers, CHOMPERS, Skirted Grubs) to work deep in cabbage beds.  Wacky worming along 8-12’ edges.  Some good lipless crank action on warmer afternoons.


Bluegill:  Good – Lots of suspending Gills off Coontail edges.  Small leeches best, they stay on the hook so you catch multiple fish on one leech.


Northern Pike:  Good – Spinner baits, Chatter baits and 4-5” Swim baits over cabbage flats in 6-10’.  Shallow running Stick baits such as Rattlin Rouges also producing.


Smallmouth Bass:  Good-Fair – Some very nice Smallies this past week in the 17-20” range over deep gravel/rock humps.  Drop slotting 3” minnows, Wacky worms and craw imitations.  Big leeches and crawlers for the live bait crowd.  Check all isolated humps of hard substrate in 14-28’.


Crappie:  Good-Fair – Fewer reports.  Best over deep wood on Flowages using medium fatheads.


Musky:  Fair – Few reports.  Bucktails best choice as cooler temps have slowed top-water action


Walleye:  Fair – Changing water temps and levels seem to be having negative affect on Eyes.  Night anglers having best results using slip-bobbers and large leeches or Red-tailed chubs


The mid-August cool down is here.  As the waters cool, watch for certain weeds to start to pull back.  Crappies, Smallies and Pike should start to pick up.   Keep watch for a three day span of warming weather to lift Largemouth action.


So much for our “hot” summer weather.  With night temps dropping to low 50’s to even upper 40’s, and day time highs in the mid 70’s, water temps dropped, and along with it some of our “hot” fishing.   Bluegill:  Good-Very Good – Nice catches with some nice Gills of 9-10” included.  Tiny tube jigs,… Continue Reading


What’s become the norm for the summer of 2017 continues, weather changing almost daily with rain every 3 days or so followed by high Skies cool nights and warm days. Luckily the warmth has come often enough to bring water temperatures up some.    Crappie:  Good-Very Good –  Lakes better than flowages. Tall weeds of… Continue Reading


  7/10/17 While the rain still arrives from time to time, at least temperatures have warmed up enough to get us back closer to normal.   Largemouth Bass:  Fair-Good – Warmer temps bringing back some good top-water action.  Lipless crankbaits over weed tops scoring well.  Jig and creature baits during the clear days.  Fishing plastic… Continue Reading